Norstra Energy, (OTCQB: NORX) Hot Penny Stock Chart in Play

Posted on: June 3:23 am
Norstra Energy, (OTCQB: NORX) is one of the most actively traded penny stocks on the market right now.  NORX was first brought to our attention back in March when it was trading at .37.  Since then Norstra Energy has exploded 200% on massive volume, touching .99.  Once NORX is able to break that $1.00 level, it will bring in a new audience of investors who will not touch anything below that psychological barrier.
The popular Eric Dany has put a super aggressive short term price target of $5 bucks on NORX.  Although we are quite a ways off from these levels, we have scene stranger thing happen when we see penny stocks get moving.

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The Bakken Shale has the potential for America to replace Saudi Arabia as having the world’s largest oil reserve. The Bakken is a leviathan and continuous accumulation of oil-rich marine shale that lies beneath 200,000 square miles of North Dakota and northwest Montana.

According to its official 2008 survey, the USGS estimated that Bakken oil resources could have up to 4.3 billion barrels of recoverable oil compared to its 1955 estimate of just 151 million barrels. This is potentially four bigger than all the oil in Saudi Arabia’s well known Ghawar region.

Norstra just dropped news that they hired  Dr. Lopez to issue a report on their project in the South Sun River Basin. Norstra has roughly 19 sections of the South Sun River Bakken Project that are estimated to contain original oil in place of a high of up to 16.7 million, an average of 13.1 million and a low of 9.5 million barrels of oil in place per section.

The question is, what will this news have on the impact of the PPS for NORX?

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