Biozoom (OTC: BIZM): Hot Penny Stock or Another SMA Disaster? (UPDATED)

Posted on: June 10:50 pm
There has been quite a buzz lately about Biozoom, Inc (OTC: BIZM).  BIZM is quickly becoming one of the most talked about penny stocks trading on the OTCBB.  Heavy trading started in this one on the 28th of May.  Since then we have seen a steady increase in the volume and in the PPS.

This company is being heavily promoted currently through a PPC campaign and some new domains that nobody has ever heard of.  What is really going on with BIZM is that investors could be being lured in by a wolf in sheep’s clothing.  This company is the newest flavor of the week of the famed Stock Market Authority (SMA).


UPDATED: Biozoom has been picking up traction and recently exploded 25% with over $15 million dollars worth of stock changing hands.  After what happened with LOTE, we don’t think that Market Makers will be too fast to step in and short this one.  If BIZM follows the SMA trend then there is no telling with this one is going to get hit with the massive sell orders that often accompany their promotions.  Money is still being heavily spent and this one just kicked off so we may see some more upward movement before a pull back.

The better part of the last few companies that SMA has promoted have taken a nose dive fairly on so they have decided to abandon ship and start fresh.  You might remember a few names like Raystream (RAYS), Psychic Friends Network (PFNI) and their latest abortion Eco-Trade Corporation (OTCQB: BOPT) which is now trading on the Grey Sheets, where OTC companies go to die.

It looks like SMA is trying to move forward under a different entity.  The company has released a slew of press releases over the past few days. Most recently, Biozoom recently unveiled the world’s first mobile, hand held biofeedback health scanner, positioning the company to enter this enormous market across a number of areas, including functional nutrition, personal health-care, health, beauty, and consumer devices. The scanner is a non-invasive instrument that measures antioxidant levels, vitamin absorption, stress responses, oxygen consumption, and other factors that are important to good health.

Only time will tell how long Biozoom will continue to climb on this type of price action.  We have no doubt that BIZM will be one of the most talked about penny stocks on the OTC heading into the summer.

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